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3 Patio Screen Doors You Should Consider

A sliding patio door is a favorite spot to blur the lines between inside and outside, but it’s not the right solution for those without secure screen doors. With winter on the way out and sights set on the warmer weather, it’s time to start considering how you can enjoy the change of seasons. For many, that means opening windows and doors to allow the fresh air inside. If your screen door is out of commission, you still have time to replace it before it’s too late in the season—and it’s easier than you think! Learn about the four patio screen doors you should consider for your replacement.

Types of Patio Screen Doors You Should Consider for Your Replacement

knock down sliding patio door

Customizable Knock-Down (K.D.) Door

Who it’s for: Knock-down doors are great for contractors and confident DIYers.

Is your door one-of-a-kind? If so, finding the one-of-a-kind patio screen door replacement you need can be challenging. That’s where RiteScreen’s Fully Customizable Knock Down Patio Door Screen comes into play. This kit has all the necessary components to make your new patio screen door fit perfectly in your space. After carefully measuring your space, you build this custom door with tools found in most toolboxes.

This is a great patio door option if you love pulling out the tools and take pride in DIYing around your home. It is not the right door replacement for people who aren’t confident using tools or a measuring tape. This door is 100% custom made to fit the specifications for your door, home, and environment. A bonus feature to this door is the locking handle. 

Bonus: You don’t have to worry about the potential shipping risks of a pre-assembled door!



RiteFit by RiteScreen’s Multi-Fit Door

Who it’s for: Any homeowner! Installing a RiteFit door is one of the easiest DIY projects you can complete around your home. 

Measuring used to be one of the most challenging parts of ordering and installing a new patio door screen. Not anymore! The RiteFit sliding door screen features proprietary expansion properties that fit doorways spanning 78”H to 81”H. If it’s anywhere in that range, our door will fit—no more guesswork! All you have to do is select your style and type of screen, and you’re ready to DIY your assembled screened door replacement.

This is a great option for nearly any homeowner. This RiteFit door fits approximately 95% of patio doors in the US with roller tracks! 



PetScreen® Ultimate Multi-Fit Patio Door

Who it’s for: Assembled sliding patio door screens with PetScreen® are great for homeowners who need a more durable mesh. It can be installed by a contractor or homeowner who can measure confidently. 

Pet owners can also enjoy leaving the patio door ajar with RiteScreen’s PetScreen® Assembled Sliding Patio Door Screen, designed with ultra strong mesh. Compared to standard fiberglass screens, PetScreen® is tear- and puncture-resistant. You don’t have to sacrifice the view either, as PetScreen®is also designed to provide spectacular outward visibility.

This door screen comes ready to install so you (and your pets!) can enjoy your new door sooner. 

Buy with Prime

Select RiteFit by RiteScreen products are part of an exclusive Amazon program called Buy with Prime. Prime customers can purchase RiteScreen’s RiteFit Multi-Fit Door (with or without Pet Mesh) straight from RiteScreen’s website without having to go to Amazon. You can expect the same Prime benefits, including free 2-day (or sooner) shipping. 

Whatever Door You Choose, Choose RiteFit by RiteScreen.

Our patio door screens are also expertly crafted to make it easy for anyone to DIY their replacement, with a few key design innovations to ensure accuracy and ease of installation. 

  • Heavy-Duty, Eco-Friendly Aluminum: All of our screens are made in the USA with a heavy-duty, eco-friendly extruded aluminum frame, providing durability you can feel good about.
  • Mesh: Our custom rolled char fiberglass mesh screen is tight and durable, which reduces sagging over time, ensuring a longer installed shelf life for your new screen.
  • Customizable Bug Strip: Our pre-installed bug strips have multiple grooves that can be torn at the width you need for a custom fit.
  • Rollers: Our innovative roller system provides smooth and dependable rolling performance. There are options in both adjustable steel and engineered thermoplastic varieties.
  • Handles: Our ergonomic reversible handle system ensures easy access from both inside and outside the doorway.
  • Outside Mitered Corners: Our outside mitered corners (OMC) help to prevent twisting while also offering vertical stability. This increases the overall strength and lasting performance of the door screen.

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