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RiteFit by RiteScreen patio screen doors are durable and versatile, providing a high-end look and feel that complements any home. Our screens work in 95% of the homes across America and deliver our proprietary fit technology featuring a durable frame that’s made to last.

Our screens are also mindfully crafted to make it easy for anyone to DIY their replacement, with a key design innovations to ensure accuracy and ease of installation. And each screen comes equipped with our proprietary RiteFit spring-loaded technology, creating a perfect seal around your frame while helping to mitigate measuring mistakes. Our extruded mesh is tight and durable, which reduces sagging over time, ensuring greater performance and longevity of your new screen.

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  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum - Arrives ready to install, no alterations required.
  • Manufactured in the USA - Strong and durable frame is built to last and keeps its shape; quality you can see and count on.
  • Spring-Loaded Fit Technology - Features a unique frame with our propriety fit technology; made by RiteScreen, it makes getting the right fit easy.
  • Extruded Mesh Tight & Durable - Tight mesh stays in place; the right balance of view and ventilation while keeping the bugs and insects out.
  • Reversible Handle - Reversible handle ensures a seamless and effective door installation, whether your handle is right-side facing or left-side facing.
  • Bug Strip - RiteFit patio screen doors come with a bug strip featuring grooved lines acting as a guide to achieve the desired width. Homeowners simply tear the vinyl bug sweep so that it seals tight against the patio door.
  • Heavy-Duty Composite Roller
  • US-Based Customer Experience - We employ a fully staffed customer experience team with members on-site at our Elizabethville, PA plant and corporate headquarters.
  • Fits 95% Of Patio Door Frames in US homes with roller tracks.
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Get More Screen Time

Introducing RiteFit by RiteScreen:
Now you can enjoy fresh air and cool breezes free from pests and debris with a perfect-fitting patio door screen.

RiteFit Technology

See how our proprietary fit technology creates a perfect seal around your door and window frames.

How To Measure

Our RiteFit proprietary technology makes measuring for your new patio door screen simple

How To Install

Installing your RiteFit patio door screen only takes minutes and doesn’t require any special tools.

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