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How to Protect Your Screen Door When You Have Pets

Whether your cat uses your screen door as a scratching post or your pooch doesn’t seem to notice there’s a screen between them and the great outdoors, there are many ways pets can prevent you from getting more screen time while enjoying the clean air your screen door provides. Learn the steps you can take to protect your screen door from our furry friends.

Keep Nails Trimmed

Long, unkempt nails tend to be the number one enemy to screen mesh. Work with your groomer and vet to get your pet on the right nail-trimming schedule. While this won’t keep your furbaby from putting his paws on your screen door, it will lessen the risk of punctures and tears. Plus, it can help keep other areas of your home safe from scratches, too!

Make it More Visible

When Fido sees something enticing outside, the hard-to-see screen door might not even register by the time he tries to charge out to investigate. Make the door easier to see by adding magnets at eye level to both sides of the screen. In addition to helping your pooch take notice of the door, it can give human guests a heads-up before they walk face-first into the screen.

Put a Barrier in Front of the Screen Door

If you need a temporary solution for keeping pets away from the screen, make it even harder for them to reach by placing a barrier in front of it. Many people choose to block it using a kitchen or patio chair. If you have a climber, you might need to go with a taller item to keep the door protected. Moving furniture around isn’t a long-term solution to protect your screen. Some people choose a more permanent barrier, like a screen grill guard. While you can still enjoy a nice breeze, these barriers can prevent you from enjoying the view and are often considered an eyesore.

Provide Alternatives, Distractions, and Training

Is your cat simply looking for a nice place to scratch? Give them a more productive space to play like a scratching post.
If your pooch scratches at the screen door to let you know it’s time to go outside, you can place a bell by the door and train him to ring it when he has to go to the bathroom.

Choose a More Durable Screen Door, like PetMesh from RiteScreen.

Not all screens are suited for all lifestyles, and you might just need a different type of screen. At RiteScreen, we offer screens to suit all needs, including those designed for families with pets. Compared to standard fiberglass screens, our PetMesh screen is tear- and puncture-resistant. You don’t have to sacrifice the view either, as PetMesh is designed to provide good outward visibility as well.

When you’re ready to replace your patio screen door and make it more suitable for you and your furbaby’s needs, start with an extruded Knock Down Door or Multi-Fit by RiteScreen door. Our RiteFit sliding door screen features unique expansion properties that fit doorways spanning 78”H to 81”H. If it’s anywhere in that range, our door will fit—no more guesswork! All you have to do is select your style and type of screen, and you’re ready to DIY your assembled screened door replacement.


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