Multi-Fit Double-Hung Half-Screen

Get More Screen Time with RiteFit by RiteScreen

So often, we hear people talk about the negative aspects of screen time. People worry about the amount of time they, and their children, are on tablets, on their phones, playing video games and binging their favorite shows. This concept turns that negativity into a positive, by redefining what screen time means. For RiteFit by RiteScreen, it means unplugging, enjoying time in front of our screens, enjoying the fresh air. Whether you’re having a quiet moment alone, or basking in the company of family and friends, RiteFit window and patio screen doors ship directly to you, providing a perfect fit and easy installation, so you can enjoy these moments sooner.

Why RiteFit by RiteScreen?

RiteFit products feature RiteScreen’s proprietary spring-loaded fit technology inside the highest-quality extruded aluminum frame, with sturdy mesh and offers the performance and low maintenance that you can expect from a premium product. Our products ship assembled, straight to your door, does not require on-site alterations, and expands to close gaps you weren’t even aware of, from packaging to hung in just 15 minutes, video instructions and live customer support. We are the patio screen door and window screen brand that provides the best fit in the industry. We make DIY install easy. Our screens work in 95% of the homes in America. Homeowners want a precise fit and quality that complements their home. RiteFit delivers with its proprietary fit technology, high-quality screen solutions and a durable frame that is made to last.

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  • Patent-Pending
  • Manufactured in the USA - Strong and durable frame is built to last and keeps its shape; quality you can see and count on.
  • Spring-Loaded Fit Technology - Features a unique frame with our propriety fit technology; made by RiteScreen, it makes getting the right fit easy.
  • Extruded Mesh Tight & Durable - Tight mesh stays in place; the right balance of view and ventilation while keeping the bugs and insects out.
  • Effortless measurement to the nearest whole inch to mitigate inaccuracies in measurement.
  • Customizable Vinyl Bug Strip
  • Easy-to-Grip Pull Tabs for installation
  • Frame Depth Versatility – fits the most common size screen pocket depths of 5/16”, 3/8” and 7/16”.
  • Fits most Double Hung Windows

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Get More Screen Time

Introducing RiteFit by RiteScreen:
Now you can enjoy fresh air and cool breezes free from pests and debris with a perfect-fitting window screen.

How To Measure

Our RiteFit patient-pending technology takes the guesswork out of measurement and makes measuring for your new window screen simple

RiteFit Technology

See how our proprietary fit technology creates a perfect seal around your door and window frames.

How To Install

Installing your RiteFit window screen only takes minutes and doesn’t require any special tools.

Configuring Your Product