GenExt Fully Customized Window Screens

RiteScreen GenExt assembled window screens are durable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing. RiteScreen produces window screens designed for both ease of use and long-term performance. Our GenExt frames are lightweight, durable, and proven to last. Customize yours today through Amazon’s customization options and get free shipping when replacing your existing window screens with RiteScreen’s top of the line GenExt products. RiteScreen features full and half screens, casement, awning, single and double hung screens to ensure the homeowner can find a screen that fits their current window’s requirements.

Replacement Window Screen Kits

RiteFit by RiteScreen DIY Screen Kits. Make your own window screens, it’s a breeze! RiteScreen’s DIY screen kits are proudly manufactured in seven strategically located facilities across the United States of America. Complete window screen replacement kits come with:

  • Three (3) sizes – 36″, 48″, 60″.
  • Two (2) premium colors – White and Bronze.
  • Industry-leading foam spline
  • Four (4) corners, two (2) springs, and two (2) pull tabs.
  • With or without char fiberglass mesh
  • Easy to follow instructions are printed on the back of each package label along with an scannable QR code for video assembly instructions.

Window replacement kits are conveniently offered with and without fiberglass mesh to accommodate every DIY homeowner. Please ensure you buy the right kit for you by thoroughly reading the product descriptions. 

Fiberglass Mesh Rolls

  • Setting the standard for quality.
  • Protection from pesky bugs and insects.
  • Increased visibility for windows, patio doors, porches, and pool enclosures.

Vinyl Screen Spline

  • Vinyl spline
  • Spiral shaped
  • Available in 3 lengths: 25′, 100′, and 300′
  • Available in 4 diameters to ensure the perfect fit for any job: .125″, .140″, .175″, and .220″
  • Ideal for fiberglass and aluminum window screen fabrication

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  • Window Screen Selection - Slider, casement, awning, single and double hung screens to ensure the homeowner can find a screen that fits their current window's requirements.
  • Manufactured in the USA - Strong and durable frames are built to last and keep their shape; quality you can see and count on.
  • Extruded Mesh Tight & Durable - Tight mesh stays in place; the right balance of view and ventilation while keeping the bugs and insects out.
  • Components Selection - Components include a charcoal fiberglass mesh rolls, window screen spline, and spline rollers.
  • US-Based Customer Experience - We employ a fully staffed customer experience team with members on-site at our Elizabethville, PA plant and corporate headquarters.
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