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Window Safety Week at RiteScreen: April 7-13, 2024

Kids learn about window safety in front of open windowOn the first full week of April every year, organizations across the country observe Window Safety Week, especially those in the construction and safety industries. This week-long event commits to raising awareness about the importance of window safety. It seeks to educate individuals about the measures they can take to prevent accidents, particularly involving children.

In 2024, Window Safety Week begins on Sunday, April 7, and runs through Saturday, April 13. But while it only lasts a week, the takeaways can provide lifetime value to safety-conscious parents and homeowners.

What is the Purpose of Window Safety Week?

The primary purpose of Window Safety Week is to educate individuals about the potential hazards associated with windows and to promote strategies for preventing accidents. While windows are essential components to the comfort and air quality of a home, they also open the home to potential dangers. As we increase window usage this spring, it is important to understand safe window practices, especially in homes with children. Some of the key safety objectives include:

  • Raising awareness about the importance of installing and maintaining window safety devices such as window guards, screens, and locks.
  • Educating parents and caregivers about the dangers of leaving windows open and unsecured, especially on upper floors.
  • Empowering communities to take proactive measures to prevent falls from windows, particularly among young children.
  • Providing resources and information to help individuals make informed decisions about window safety in their homes and communities.

Which Organizations Are Involved?

Window Safety Week is supported by various organizations committed to promoting safety in homes and communities. It is organized and promoted by the Window Safety Task Force, a group consisting of various safety and industry organizations. Some of the key organizations that work with the Window Safety Task Force throughout the week include:

  1. The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA): FGIA was established in 2020 when the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) merged. Previously two powerhouses in the industry, this alliance focuses on building synergies between all industry groups, including glazing and fenestration. FGIA plays a significant role in organizing and promoting Window Safety Week. It also develops resources and guidelines throughout the year to constantly enhance window safety.
  2. National Safety Council (NSC): The NSC is a non-profit dedicated to preventing injuries and fatalities, including those related to window accidents. While a separate entity from the Window Safety Task Force, they joined forces in 1997 to create this event. NSC collaborates with various organizations in the industry to uphold the principles of the Week throughout the rest of the year.
  3. Safe Kids Worldwide: Safe Kids Worldwide is a global non-profit organization focused on preventing childhood injuries, especially through education and awareness campaigns. They actively participate in this event every year to educate families about the dangers of falls from windows and how to prevent them.

The Window Safety Task Force Presents 7 Days of Window Safety

The Window Safety Task Force has assigned a specific lesson or theme for each day of the week. By providing a focus for each day, it enables meaningful and specific learning opportunities. The seven pillars of window safety as outlined by the Window Safety Task Force include:

  • Sunday, April 7th – When young children are around, keep windows closed and locked. Unless ventilation is a necessity, this is the most straightforward way to eliminate falls and other window-related injuries.
  • Monday, April 8th – When opening a window for ventilation, prioritize those located out of a child’s reach. Out of sight, out of reach, and out of mind – and higher windows allow for warm air to escape more easily!
  • Tuesday, April 9th – Don’t place furniture near windows to prevent children from climbing to an open window. And double check – children can be creative when it comes to making the world a playground!
  • Wednesday, April 10th – Don’t allow children to jump on beds or other furniture to help reduce potential falls. Whether they are near windows or not, a fall from the bed can be gigantic for smaller children especially.
  • Thursday, April 11th – Don’t rely on insect screens to prevent a window fall. Insect screens are designed to keep bugs out, not to keep children in the home. While some window screens, such as latching screens and wicket screens, are incredibly robust, they are not designed as a safeguard for children.
  • Friday, April 12th – Supervise children to keep children’s play away from windows, balconies, or patio doors. Elevated views can be breathtaking, but don’t let them distract you from watching those fearless kids.
  • Saturday, April 13th – Install ASTM F2090-compliant devices designed to limit how far a window will open to help prevent a fall. Homeowners rarely need to fully open their windows to achieve adequate airflow, so these are common child-proofing window devices for homeowners willing to put in the extra installation effort.

RiteScreen Promotes Safety During Window Safety Week

Safety is one of RiteScreen's core valuesThough created by the Window Safety Task Force and the National Safety Council, this event has been extended to the entire industry. This provides an opportunity for collaboration to develop better safety standards and practices. As such, RiteScreen is once again joining the festivities. Across all seven locations, RiteScreen is using this week as an opportunity to lead discussions on safety at home and in the workplace.

Safety is one of the company’s core values according to its website: “Safety is the priority for everyone, every day. It is our responsibility to be proactive and keep each other safe.” Teamwork, integrity, and safety often go hand-in-hand, especially in successful workplaces. And the company’s roster continues to reflect this fact! Recently, RiteScreen made internal promotions to the Plant Manager positions in its Florida, Texas, and California plants. These promotions are more than just a feel-good story though. They have also led to a direct increase in plant productivity while maintaining safe building practices.

Window Screen Safety & Window Safety

RiteScreen prioritizes safety in all of its window screen replacementsMuch of this week’s focus is built around, well…window safety! And that is so important. But just as you can’t have windows without window screens, you can’t discuss window safety without discussing window screen safety. Functional and compatible window screens can be essential to the safe use of many window systems.

And you can’t discuss window screens without discussing RiteScreen, the oldest window screen manufacturer in the country. With over 75 years of window screen knowledge at its disposal, it is the foremost authority on durable window screens. RiteScreen is using this event as an opportunity to discuss and educate about window screen safety!

Window Screens Protect Your Home Against the Outdoors, Not the Other Way Around!

Especially for homeowners who experience seasonal bugs and storms, window screens can be the difference between the best summer ever and the summer that won’t end! A proper-fitting rigid window screen is your best bet for blocking disease-carrying insects, harmful air particulates, and other outdoor nuisances. Depending on your home, your ideal screen solution could involve a Window Safety Week reminds parents to keep children safe by keeping them away from open windowscombination of window screens, patio door screens, or other fiberglass mesh screen installations (e.g. garden enclosures, Florida screens, porches, etc.).

But while window screens, such as custom replacement window screens and adjustable window screen packs, are great at keeping things outdoors, they are not designed to keep anything inside. Homeowners should never install a window screen with the intention of keeping pets, children, toys, or anything else inside. Even window screens with a latching mechanism, such as the RiteScreen DH3, are only intended to eliminate slipping and rattling of the screen.

Consult FGIA and National Safety Council resources if you are looking for more ways to keep children and pets away from windows.

Key Takeaways of Window Safety Week

As we observe Window Safety Week, it’s essential to keep the following key takeaways in mind:

  1. Supervise Children Around Windows: Always supervise young children, especially in rooms with open windows. Keep furniture away from windows to prevent children from climbing up and reaching them.
  2. Educate Family Members: Teach family members about the importance of window safety and the potential risks associated with open windows. Encourage them to be vigilant and take precautions, especially in households with young children.
  3. Install Window Safety Devices: Make sure to install window guards, locks, and screens to prevent accidental falls. These devices can help keep children safe while still allowing for ventilation.
  4. Regular Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain windows and their safety devices to ensure they are functioning correctly. Repair or replace any damaged or worn-out components promptly.

Resources for Further Information

Window Safety Tips from the FGIAFor more information about window safety and how you can prevent accidents, consider exploring the following resources:

  • Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA): Visit the FGIA website for guidelines, publications, and educational materials related to window safety. FGIA, along with WDMA and RiteScreen, is one of the longest-standing companies in the fenestration industry. With a long-standing tradition of safety as a core value, FGIA regularly publishes articles, develops educational content, and hosts seminars to improve industry standards year-over-year.
  • National Safety Council (NSC): Explore the NSC’s resources on home safety, including tips for preventing falls from windows, along with all varieties of safety-related information. You can find Safety Blogs, training and education resources, and information about upcoming safety events!
  • Safe Kids Worldwide: The Safe Kids Worldwide website has resources and educational materials on preventing falls from windows. It also has plenty of other resources to promote childhood safety. This is a great place to start if you are looking to expand your knowledge beyond windows!
  • RiteScreen Blog & Knowledge Center: With the launch of its consumer-facing website in 2024, it has committed to the consistent development of educational blogs, articles, and resources. Head to its blog for regular and timely content throughout the year!

As we commemorate Window Safety Week, let’s work together to create safer environments for ourselves and our loved ones. By raising awareness and staying vigilant, we can prevent accidents and ensure everyone enjoys a safe and secure home.