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Can You DIY Your Window Screen Replacement?

It’s time for another home improvement project: getting rid of your old window screens and updating them with something more suitable and sustainable for your lifestyle. Do you need to start researching contractors to do this job for you or can DIY your window screen replacement?

Can You DIY Your Window Screen Replacement?

Yes! Many people find replacing their window screen is an easy, inexpensive, and fulfilling DIY project. It is very possible to do it on your own if:

  • You can get an accurate measurement. Your first step in replacing your window screen by yourself is getting an accurate measurement to ensure you order the right one. The best tool for this job is a quality metal tape measure. You might also need a ladder to ensure you can measure from the right spots without estimating the correct number. If you have an existing window screen, this will make your life a whole lot easier. 
  • You can find a window screen that works for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all window screen. No matter the size or shape of your window, there is likely a supplier where you can buy your window screen without a contractor or window dealer as a middleman. In fact, at RiteScreen, we offer over 40 styles and sizes. For incredibly unique shapes and sizes, you might need a semi-custom frame, which might be more challenging to find. 
  • You are comfortable DIYing this project. Just because you’re happy to DIY other projects in your home doesn’t mean this is a task you want to take on. As long as you are confident in your skills and research, you can probably replace your window screen in under an hour, even if it’s your first time taking on this task.  

You Might Need to Hire Someone to Replace Your Screen If:

  • You can’t get accurate measurements. One of the most critical steps of DIYing your window screen replacement is getting the right measurement so you know you are ordering the size you need. The best tool for this job is a metal tape measure, as there is less room for error than if you choose to use a fabric tape measure or ruler. 
  • You aren’t comfortable working at the location of the window screen. If you can keep your feet planted firmly on the ground or are comfortable using a two-step ladder, replacing your window screen is likely a safe DIY. If you aren’t comfortable with the height or location of your window like if it’s on the second story or it is oversized, you might be better off hiring a contractor to handle the job. 
  • Your window or window frame is broken, cracked, or rotting. Your window screen replacement becomes exponentially harder if you are also dealing with a window replacement at the same time. In fact, a broken, rotted, or improperly installed window can cause severe damage to your home with water infiltration or increase your energy bill.

DIY Your Window Screen Replacement with RiteScreen. 

DIY Window Screen Replacement Kits
Homeowners want a precise fit and quality that complements their home. RiteFit by RiteScreen offers high-quality screen solutions and a durable frame that is made to last. As the country’s first window screen company, with 75 years of manufacturing experience, we specialize in the manufacturing of window and patio door screens and nothing else.

We manufacture 40 different window screen products in a variety of shapes and sizes so any DIYer can easily replace their own window screen. Securing an aftermarket window screen through RiteScreen enables savings while avoiding the window dealer marketing companies that mark up the product.

When you choose our screens, you are set up for success with our DIY Window Screen Kits are designed to help quickly assemble and install one window screen without having to outfit new screens for your entire home. With numerous kit types available, with and without mesh, you can evaluate your repair needs and select a kit that fits your repair needs.

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