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Introducing the New Multi-Fit Window Screen by RiteScreen

Double-Hung Multi-Fit Window Screen

When you have a window screen in your home that needs to be replaced, you probably think of two ways to approach it. You could research, hire, and then pay a contractor. Or you might consider stressing through the process of measuring, ordering, and installing it as a DIY project. What if there was an easier solution? That’s what inspired the engineers at RiteScreen to develop our RiteFit by RiteScreen double-hung, Multi-Fit window screen: the revolutionary, easy DIY solution to window screen replacements.

A Whole Inch Makes a Whole Difference

Oftentimes, the biggest problem homeowners face when replacing their own window or patio door screen is getting the right measurements and ordering the correct product. For many DIY screen solutions, measurements must be accurate down to 1/16th inch, or the screen won’t fit. This places extreme pressure on DIYers to measure exactly or risk wasting money and time.

RiteFit by RiteScreen double-hung, Multi-Fit window screens only need measurements to the nearest whole inch. That’s because these screens have innovative, spring-loaded technology that allows them to simply expand and retract to fit seamlessly in place each time. Multi-Fit window screens are guaranteed to fit in a double-hung window’s screen pockets (half screens only).

The proprietary compression and expansion panels on each side ensure the perfect fit and help mitigate measuring mistakes prior to an order. Plus, it helps reduce the amount of time it takes to install your new screen. Most DIYers can install the RiteFit Multi-Fit, double-hung half screens in under 5 minutes!


Easy Measuring

All you need is two measurements before you can order your new window screen. Take out your tape measure, head to your window, and grab these two quick measurements:

  • Horizontally (width): Measure your window opening using the outermost window screen pocket, measuring edge-to-edge for the width measurement. In this example, the measurement falls between 28” and 29”.
  • Vertically (height): Now, measure the height, from the bottom window sill to the bottom of the top window’s sash. Again, identify the two whole numbers that the measurement falls between. In the example below the range falls between 28” and 29.

Need more help? Learn more about How to Measure Windows for Screen Replacement.

More to Love About the RiteFit Double-Hung Multi-Fit Window Screens

With our proprietary frame technology, you just need to know your window frame measurement to the nearest 1”, making it easier than ever to order the screen you need. You’ll also love:

  • Easy ordering from Simply customize and add to your Amazon cart and check out like usual to get your window screen delivered right to your front door.
  • Quick Installation. All you need is 5 minutes to install your new window screen. It ships assembled and does not require on-site alterations, so all you have to do it pop it in place and let our spring-loaded technology do the rest.
  • Guaranteed Fit and Quality. Feel confident your screen will fit and last with our patent-pending spring-loaded fit technology inside the highest-quality, custom extruded aluminum frame with sturdy mesh.
  • Works for the Majority of DIYers This product makes DIY window installation easy, requiring only double-hung windows with screen pockets
  • An Earned Reputation. RiteScreen is America’s oldest window and patio door screen company, offering screening solutions for 75+ years!
  • Experts at Your Fingertips. Live customer service chat is always available at

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