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5 Things to Know Before Repairing Your Window Screen

When your screen has a puncture or tear, you might be able to repair it rather than replace it. Before you start trying all the “life hacks” you find online, here are five things you need to know about repairing your window screen!

Not All At-Home Remedies Work

A quick search will provide plenty of options for you to try. Some sources recommend using nail polish to repair small holes or tears. Others suggest taking out your sewing kit. While creative, these DIY solutions for repairing your window screen are often short-term solutions that require frequent upkeep. If you do choose to repair your screen rather than replace it, using a solution like a screen kit is likely your best option.


Some Tears Are Too Big

You can usually repair punctures and tears that are less than a few inches long. Anything bigger, and you risk the integrity of your window and impact your view through the screen. Think about it, if you bought a window screen to let air into your home you don’t want a sheet of plastic reducing your airflow.

Did you know: If your tear is too big, you can still DIY your window screen repair by completely replacing the screen? It’s easier than you think with a RiteFit by RiteScreen Window! 

It’s Often a Temporary Solution

A torn screen isn’t as durable as a fully intact screen, so don’t expect repairing your window screen to last the usual 10 lifespan years of 10 to 15 years. Plus, there is usually a reason for requiring a repair, whether a pet or a worn screen, which points to more problems in your future. 

It Might Be Time for a New Screen Anyways

If your window screen is reaching its end of life and is damaged by UV rays, even a small gust of wind could tear a hole into your old screen. Consider the cause of the hole, and if age is the problem. How do you know if your window screen has reached its end of life? Check for these signs:

  • There are faded or broken corners. Corners are tough to patch, so you’ll likely need to start over with an entirely new screen.
  • There is corrosion on the frame. In this case, you’ll need to replace your frame, so it’s also time to change your window screen.
  • The mesh is loose or shiny. These are signs that your window screen has reached its end of life. A shiny screen is indicative of weather damage, while the loose mesh shows the screen no longer has the required durability. If this is the case, you will likely find the repair will be harder to hide.
  • It is impacting your desired lifestyle. Does your screen still do what you need it to do? You might find you need something more durable like a PetMesh screen from RiteScreen or want a better view with RiteScreen’s ClearView. If a pet is the cause of the tear in your screen, you might want to consider changing the screen type anyways instead of just patching.


Window Screen DIY Kits Are Your Best Option

Rather than explore “at-home remedies”, your most reliable option is using a window screen kit.  Simply cut it to the right size, and secure it tightly over the frame.   

At RiteScreen, we strive to provide window and patio door screen solutions that allow your screens to work for your lifestyle and needs. Our Window Screen Replacement Kits are designed to help quickly assemble and install one window screen without having to outfit new screens for your entire home. With numerous kit types available, with and without mesh, you can evaluate your repair needs and select a kit that fits your repair needs.  Check out our Amazon Store and explore your options today!