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Is a Knock Down Patio Screen Door Replacement Right for You?

Now that spring has officially arrived again, are you starting to spruce up your outdoor space? If you enjoy blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors with help from your patio door, it’s an excellent time to inspect it for issues that can limit its usefulness. Screen tears and loose and shiny mesh are clear signs your patio screen door is on its last leg.

Fortunately, there’s still time to replace it before patio season is in full swing! You have many options, from calling a contractor to completing the project yourself. Read on to explore your DIY options and find out if a knock down patio screen door replacement is the right choice for you.

RiteScreen Knock Down Door

Your DIY Patio Screen Door Replacement Options

RiteFit by RiteScreen Sliding Patio Screen Door

When you approach your patio screen door replacement project, you’ll likely see two options on the market as a DIYer: assembled doors and knock down doors. While both are valid options, they are very different regarding assembly.

Pre-assembled Doors: As the name suggests, pre-assembled doors arrive assembled, so all you have to do is pop them into place according to the manufacturer’s directions. The RiteFit by RiteScreen assembled sliding patio screen doors feature a heavy-duty aluminum frame with spring-loaded fit technology. Truly a classic by America’s First Window and Patio Door Company!

Knock Down Patio Screen Door: These doors have all the necessary parts to build and install a patio screen door. With a bit of patience and effort, you can assemble your patio screen door that fits your space perfectly and exactly to your specifications.

Signs a Knock Down Patio Screen Door Replacement Is Right for You

RiteFit by RiteScreen sliding patio screen door for the whole family

There are many reasons people prefer the knock down patio screen door option. It might be the right choice for you if:

  • You worry about damage during product transit. Pre-assembled doors are at a greater risk of damage during delivery to your house. The screen and frames are already in place, leaving the door vulnerable to bending and perforations should it not be handled carefully. Your knock-down door arrives in pieces instead, limiting the surface area of the package and the potential for frame warping or mishandling.
  • You are a confident DIYer. Almost anyone can assemble a knock-down patio screen door replacement, but it’s probably not the best choice for someone who isn’t handy. If you’re confident with tools and measuring, you will likely breeze through the project and enjoy the accomplishment of assembling and installing the door yourself. It’s a great conversation starter when guests come over!
  • You want to save money on your patio screen door replacement. While some projects end up costing more money if you choose the DIY route over hiring a professional, you can save money by selecting a knock-down door. That’s because you likely already have all the tools you need to complete the project yourself, so you only have to pay for the door kit. Check your toolbox for these tools, and you’re likely ready to go at no additional cost: screwdriver or drill, utility knife, and safety goggles.

Set Yourself up for Success with a RiteScreen Knock Down Patio Screen Door Kit.

The RiteFit by RiteScreen knock down patio screen door is perfect for the springtime and warm weather needs of a DIYer. Including the same heavy-duty aluminum frame and tight and durable aluminum mesh as our assembled door options, this door is also available in made-to-order sizes for whatever size or shape you may need. Did we mention it also has a built-in bug strip?

So, does a knock down door sound like the right solution for your patio screen door replacement? RiteScreen’s Knock-Down Patio Screen Door comes with all the quality, long-lasting parts you deserve in a patio screen door so you can confidently complete the project yourself:

  • Aluminum extruded frame with woolpile
  • Inset black composite clocking handle
  • Left and right corners
  • Composite rollers
  • 160” Spline
  • Double-sided spline roller tool
  • Fiberglass mesh screen

Get More Screen Time - RiteFit by RiteScreen

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