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The Benefits of Window Screens in Autumn

Autumn is on its way, and so are colorful leaves, fall sports, and pumpkin-flavored treats. There’s an unsung hero this time of year that you can also look forward to appreciating: your window screens, if they’re in good shape. There are several reasons it’s worth it to take a look at your windows now so you can reap the benefits of window screens in autumn.



The Benefit of Window Screens in Autumn

Lower Energy Costs

Fall is the perfect time to open the windows and turn off your HVAC unit…if you have a window screen that keeps undesirable things out. In addition to letting in a cool breeze during the day so you don’t need AC or fans, window screens can even help keep heat inside on chillier days—especially if you have a specialty screen like a solar screen.. 

Insect Prevention

This time of year, there are still plenty of pests that can bug you and wreak havoc on your home. Some of the most common ones are ants, bees, hornets, wasps, and even rodents. Pests are opportunists, and they will take every opportunity they can to come into your home so they don’t have to spend the chillier days outside. Your screen can help ensure pests don’t enter through your open, cracked, or improperly sealed window.

Window Protection

That fall breeze can leave your windows vulnerable this time of year. If you don’t have a window screen, debris like falling leaves and branches can damage your windows over time or leave them dirty. Plus, if you have an all star in your home, the screen can help prevent soccer balls, footballs, and other sports equipment from reaching your window.

Healthier Lifestyle

Your open window does more than let in the breeze. Open windows are proven to:

  • Increase oxygen
  • Lower radon levels
  • Prevent mold and mildew

In addition, it encourages you to leave your blinds open, which exposes you to more Vitamin D to boost your health and improve mood.

Get Ready for Autumn and Replace Your Window Screen Easily with RiteScreen.

You’re already busy this fall with school, sports, and fun holiday activities, and you don’t need a complicated task on your to-do list. Fortunately, all you need is a few minutes to replace your window screen yourself with custom replacement window screens. Each window screen comes available with a variety of customizations like fiberglass mesh type, hardware, and an assortment of popular colors, allowing for precise installation for custom window screen replacement. Plus, you’ll feel confident knowing your screen will last with the highest-quality, custom extruded aluminum frame and sturdy mesh.

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