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Who Can Replace Your Window Screen?

Have you noticed one or more of your window screens needs to be replaced? Perhaps you’ve noticed punctures and rips that can’t be repaired, or the corners are faded or broken. Maybe the mesh is loose or shiny, or they are taking away from your curb appeal. Now that you know you want a new window screen, you need to figure out who to call to complete your project. Read on to learn who can replace your window screen. 

Who Can Replace Your Window Screen?


Hiring a handyman in your area to install your window screen can be an easy option. You might already have one you used and liked in the past, or one of your neighbors is likely to give you a good recommendation. Because the handyman owns a small business, you might even be able to get a better deal than working with a big-name company.

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While handymen are skilled at handling many projects around your home, the downside to hiring one is that they may have little-to-no experience replacing window screens. Plus, you will likely need to order your new window screen, requiring careful measurements down to 1/16” and extensive research about the kind you want.

Big-Name Home Improvement Stores

Did you know some home improvement stores offer more than products for seemingly every project in your home? You can hire stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot for service, too. Head to the store and meet with someone at the ordering area to learn about scheduling a screen installation.

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The potential downside to hiring one of these stores is that it isn’t their employee who comes to do the work; they often outsource these services to local and national companies. Plus, they might try to convince you to do this smaller project by yourself. Like window companies, it’s not as profitable of a service. But be wary of trusting their DIY suggestions completely—like handymen, employees there are trained in a variety of areas and likely not specialists in window screens.

Window and Door Companies in Your Area

Window companies such as ScreenMobile specialize in windows and screens, so they’re a reliable choice for window screen replacements. Some companies even offer warranties on their workmanship, which could save you money in the long run if something goes wrong down the line. 

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One possible caveat with window and door companies is that you may need to hire them for more than a window screen replacement to get the full benefit of their services. This works out well for homeowners looking to replace windows or doors and screens at the same time, but it may not be right for those who just need a new screen.


Yes, you read that right! You can change your window screen yourself! This inexpensive option allows you to work on your own timeline without the back-and-forth required for hiring someone else to do it for you.

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Unfortunately, this method often requires extensive research to learn how to change the window screen yourself, and you also need to take the time to choose the right one for your window. Plus, for many window screens, you can purchase online, your measurements need to be perfect or you’ll end up ordering the wrong size.

These issues are the reality for most DIY screen replacements you’ll find, but not for RiteFit by RiteScreen double-hung, Multi-Fit window screens.

DIY Your Window Screen Replacement Easily with RiteFit by RiteScreen 

Skip the contractors and choose RiteFit by RiteScreen double-hung, Multi-Fit window screens for your DIY window screen replacement. The proprietary compression and expansion panels on each side ensure the perfect fit and help mitigate measuring mistakes prior to an order. You just need to find the measurement to the nearest 1”. Plus, most DIYers can install it in under 5 minutes! 

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With easy measuring, easy ordering from, and easy installation, RiteFit by RiteScreen double-hung, Multi-Fit window screens are the easy choice for you to replace your own window screen.